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National Vocational Training Institute, Polonnaruwa

The National Vocational Training Institute in Polonnaruwa was established to ensure students from all districts are given an opportunity to develop their skills and further their careers.

With the backing of GEMCO International BV, Foresight Engineering was able to develop the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) in the district of Polonnaruwa. The new institute, where development commenced in October 2019, will provide workshops specialising in various sectors from automobile repair and maintenance to building and construction to hotel and tourism, amongst many others.

The NVTI will assist the national industrial growth by providing a skilled and reliable workforce in areas of high demand.

With hostel facilities to accommodate students from different districts, the vocational training institute will primarily focus on delivering courses that have a high employability level while also providing adequate industrial exposure for students to improve and further develop their careers in the industry. The new institute will also cater to the demand of skilled labour from technicians to craftsmen in the local and international industries. Modern equipment to aid in the learning and practise-oriented tools in order to develop and hone their skills of being self-reliant are fitted into the infrastructure.

The institute will also be fitted with a capacity-building component allowing for training of teachers and instructors to develop their skills and produce graduates that match international standards and calibre.

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